Friday, April 16, 2010

Did the Earth rebel, and say, "enough!" ?

Maybe we could measure the amount of carbon emissions reduced by the number of flights cancelled by this volcano phenomenon...

Of course, the volcano itself has let off emmissions. But the Earth has the right to cry out in pain.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


100,000 people died tonight,
A few thousand kilometers from me.
God decided to rummage out
A piece of uneven earth,
And toed out a smidge of dirt.

Like kicking out a fleck
Of sand into the ocean
Which crumbles and disappears,
And you didn´t think it would vanish
But it does and goes in mounds.

And suddenly they´re all gone.

And I sit on my sofa, and listen to cars pass by.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jaime Sabines - a great Mexican poet

Digo que no puede decirse el amor...

Digo que no puede decirse el amor.
El amor se come como un pan.
se muerde como un labio,
se bebe como un manantial.
El amor se llora como a un muerto,
se goza como un disfraz.
El amor duele como un callo,
arturde como un panal,
y es sabroso como la uva de cera
y como la vida es mortal.

El amor no se dice con nada,
ni con palabras ni con callar.
Trata de decirlo el aire
y lo está ensayando el mar.
Pero el amante lo tiene prendido,
untando en la sangre lunar,
y el amor es igual que una brasa
y una espiga de sal.

La mano de un manco lo puede tocar,
la lengua de un mudo, los ojos de un ciego,
decir y mirar.
El amor no tiene remedio
y sólo quiere jugar.

Alabanza - Song of Praise

Give me the sound of water, some copper-coloured earth, verdant landscape and some lazy cows, and I am happy.

Song of praise - for everything in 2009. And blessings for 2010.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Se acaba el año - The year is coming to a close

I recently sat down and idly leafed through my 2009 diary. It made me laugh, and remember all the things that have happened this year. 2009 has been a giant monster of a year. A year of growth. And I have to admit I´m exhausted!

I found looking through my diary somehow therapeutic. It was a moment to pause and remind myself that my fatigue does come from somewhere, and that actually, it´s time to rest up, after this wonderful, chaotic year, full of changes.

Here are some snapshots of the scribbles throughout my 2009 diary. Maybe this won´t mean anything for the outside observer, but for me it was nice to jot some of this down.

Life is very fast, and I believe these moments of pause at the end of the year are times for calm and comfort. Merry Christmas everyone! especially to my family. See you in February. Miss you lots!

Budget - 43,000 pesos November!; Drinks with Chapman and friends; Armario/Alacena, NIsh´s wedding!, Reyes Magos; Call HURIDOCS, Lee Docs EPU; Evento Carmen Aristegui, Reserve Room UN Palace; Ometusco 10 # 8; Supper @Margarets; Agendar Reunión Amnistía Internacional; G & G; Centro Budista; Carta - Rodolfo y Teodoro; Rolling Stone Fact Checking; Solicitud OMCT; Fiesta Javier; Curso Meditación; Atenco/Oaxaca; Mi Cumpleaños 26!; Press Contacts Geneva; News Ad - Atenco, Merida Initiative; Write neatly maddy!; Cobadonga; H & M arrive!!!; Itzlan, 2pm, Fiesta Carlos; Chicago; Meditate: survivor;; Diagonal San Antonio 1684 #13 entre Vertiz y Cuahutémoc, Campaña, PAY GAS; Blues Fest; PRESS KIT; Josh Pyke downloads, CALL NAB BANK; Mari - paella preparation; Finnish reportage; Joint Statement VAW; USB, Jacinta, sandwiches; co-sponsors, interpreter, Carlos? Texcoco, write to Camilla; Viduldo; Rupert; Apunta detalles James; Llama Commission Nationale Francia; Rosa Luxemburgo (Torchtaser Exit, 8pm); Mem, Winstrasser 62; Anniversario Tlachi!; UNDERSTAND URIBE! (ask JC); Fiesta - Quetzal, Cena con Nury; Office - Microsoft!; Hermanos Loxicha; SEGOB; Ir a ver a Margaret; Dad´s birthday; Embajada EEUU - Tortura; HRW; Noche Brasileña; Kenziah Jones; BB Shower Tania; Misa Jesus; Study Climate Change!!; Vidal Embassy Security Check; Cachito de texto; DIPLOMADO!; Obra de Lulu; Antes de que se nos olvide - Caifanes; Blood Type?? Visit Judith Macgregor; Hilltop Hoods - Still Standing; NOUR - sell jewellery!; Ring hannah - bday; SALSA; Nueva York!; Richard´s housewarming; Cecilia USAID; Copenhagen pre-summit events!; MILIBAND!;; Dr Vladimir - Ginecologia; Guitarra 7-8pm; Mum´s 60th!!; Ibero - diploma: Away Day.

Christmas Concert

My guitar teacher Pablo hosted an informal Christmas concert in his house last week. Pablo is a very soulful guy, with lots of love to give to everyone. We had kids, adults, a teenage rapper who writes his own lyrics, amateur pop-singers, all together enjoying a few hours of musical appreciation. I sang a song by John Lennon and one by Bob Dylan (not with guitar - not yet advanced enough!), and I played tambourine and back-up singer for Pablo on "Have you Ever seen the Rain" by Creedence.

Here's to a 2010 full of music. Grateful for the little angels in my life like Pablo.

In my neighbourhood IV

Teenagers in romantic embrace in the Zona Rosa

Construction of the world's biggest christmas tree, on Paseo de la Reforma. "That bloody ***ing tree", as it would be come to be known by many, for the traffic and circulation problems it has caused. I personally have harboured a smouldering disdain for this tree. At night it gets lit up with some pretty lights, but overall it's a huge Pepsi promotional gimmick, and the whole of Paseo de la Refoma has been Pepsi-fied as well, branded up to its eyeballs. Bah humbug. Give me a good Mexican piñata any day.