Thursday, March 22, 2007


Okay, so murmurings from down under are that changes are afoot in the politics of our nation.... my glances on has told me as much. But right here, right now, I want to challenge my fellow aussies to leave comments for me on 'how it is on the ground' at the moment. Is Rudd really giving Howard a run for his money? what are the chances of a Labor victory? Whaddya think? Any classic episodes or public comments to report?
Sometimes I think I am missing out on some very interesting developments in my homeland...

However with the anti-narcotics operations, the constant evictions and police raids in districts of mexico city, there is certainly plenty of excitement here!


Dave said...

Give them about three more months, and the Howard Government will be wearing the brown trousers. Rudd IS building up a head of steam, but Labor need to tighten up in many departments. To wit: If they stick to principle, then they will win power. But if they concern themselves with power, the public will smell that and then the Liberal's economic record will come back into prominence.

At the moment though, Howard and Costello are really getting pissed off. You can see it in their beetroot-red faces. Costello is chained to Howard, and Howard is now out of touch on too many issues to count.

Madeleine said...

Okay, so far Dave heads up the leader board.

Thanks Dave, I know I could rely on you for the goods.

Now the next question I will throw out there - what is good old Bob Brown up to?

Mem Penman said...

My first comment on my sister's blog page! So there technology!!
I find it very interesting that Hicks has been silenced until after the election by the government - smacks of desperation, and as always, I'm ready to hope for the best in this election. A friend of mine working at Parliament says Rudd is a fine leader of Labor Party. Hope away Maddy!