Saturday, June 16, 2007

Love this city

I have no idea why Mexico City is not thought of as a `city of the world`. It is amazing.
Of course, we think of scenes out of 'Amores y Perros', slums, traffic and a general apocalyptic chaos when we hear the words 'mexico city'. The reaction I got when I told people I was going to live here certainly confirmed that stereotype.
The city elicits fear from many. And of course it is dangerous. A number of my mexican friends have been held up at gunpoint. There are some really dodgy areas, where you just feel bloody unsafe. The traffic is unspeakable at times, and the accumulated panic of the largest city in the world really cannot be soothed by the languid comments of a taxista who tells you 'yes señorita, there is lots of traffic today'. Not helpful when you're dying to get to an interview on time.

However it couldn't be more full of wonderful things to do, culture, theatres, museums, beautiful architecture....It has everything!

A lot more should be done to promote it. And I'm starting right now. Move over Paris, Tokyo, New York.....

'El DF es la mera onda!'.

(Mexico City is the true vibe!)

And it will be my home until the end of 2007, if not longer. I heart DF.

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