Sunday, October 19, 2008

Photos from recent trip to Hidalgo

After reviewing my blog, especially my more serious post of "women. men. love and life." I realised that it may have been getting a little heavy and above all a little unnerving, for my mother! Looking at that post and making it clear - that it is not based on things that I have experienced!

anyway, as a counter balance to the heaviness of late on this blog, here are some lovely photos from an awesome trip I and the mates from my old Uni had to the countryside of Hidalgo, a state above mexico city.

we stayed in a cabin and kayaked and played boardgames and read and drank good tequila, and passed by a lovely old mining town on the way back where we drank hot fruit punch in the square and ate hot bread and empanadas inspired by the Cornish miners who arrived in this town years ago and gave mexico the wonder of pasties.
and i got an eight buck poncho and a one buck green ring. how nice it was. very "relax" as they say here in mexico.

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