Thursday, June 25, 2009

Scary Post: Holocaust Tower, Jewish Museum, Berlin

The Jewish museum in Berlin was amazing. I will shortly write another post about it.

Basically I had a couple of short hours there and decided, on the whole, not go to the WWII or Holocaust part of the museum. I felt that in some small way, I had already been exposed to that story. In my coming post I will write about the wonderful sections of the museum on Jewish history, philosophy and culture that I discovered.

However, on the map/plan of the museum there was one prominent bit that stuck out. It was called the Holocaust Tower. I don´t want to give it away for anyone that goes there after me, but basically:

On entering the space I unconsciously said "Oh my god..." out loud.

Then, without even thinking, I just took out my camara and started pictures with my hand extended, at any angle, without any intention, without any planning or any posed gestures. My reactions to the space came out in some shots, and in fact the positions of people around me were also shocking:

It was an overwhelming experiment.

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