Monday, April 2, 2007

The adventures of Chapman and Penman part 1

My good mate Joe Chapman arrived last week, for my two week uni holiday. We are spending time travelling around the country and also in mexico city together.

It is just great to have an old friend here - to know each other's sense of humour and to be able to make wise cracks and giggle at silly things together. Good stuff.

Joe is quite discerning with his cosmopolitan taste (having lived in Tokyo for a year rubbed off on him a bit), so we have been stretching ourselves to really 'disover' the 'happening' nightspots of this town. That has been fun to explore with Joe, as I dont always get the opportunity to do that with my mex friends. Joe should really start up his own nightclub review site.

Anyway, here are some happy pics. We went to a gorgeous town called Guanajuato. Wonderful.
The middle photo is of the Alhondiga, the a huge old granary which was the site of one of the biggest battles for Independence from spain. The rowdy masses gathered outside while the Spanish shut themselves in this big building inside. After the battles were won by the independence mob, they hung the heads of spanish in large cages outside the Alhondiga.


Tammie said...

hey Maddy!! just sat down and read nearly 3 months worth of blog and I am ready to jump on a plane and come do salsa dancing with you. Mexico looks amazing and it looks like you have met some wonderful fun people and had some lovely adventures. Miss you maddy! (We are getting a new flatmate as Brydie is moving back to perth before heading to Ireland to travel with Michael) Also could you recommend some volunteer agencies in south america that i could check out. I have a HUGE 3 month holiday over summer this year that needs to be filled! Was inspired partly by your blog but also saw a doco on a school in peru. MISS YOU!!!!!

love tammie xxxxxxx

Simon said...

Gee Maddy, Joe, the colour of that water you are drinking looks a little dodgy. You'd be safer ordering a drink with tequila in it to kill the bugs.

Fiona said...

you really are packing it in maddie - lovely to visit your blog again (sorry its been a while!)and get a glimpse of your hectic pace and great adventures. Love from all of us,
Fiona,Michael,Dougall and Angus

Nari said...

Maddog Maddy!
Great to hear you've gravitated towards Guanajuato - my fave city in Mexico! The place of mountains and frogs (although I suspect the frogs left years ago).
If you're after a tranquil moment following a night on the cuba libres, you should check out the Ex Hacienda de Barranca something something. It's a cool old garden and worth a visit.
I've been a terrible blog-visitor, for which I apologise, but it's great to read your news and hear you're having fun in el DF.
Que tengas muchas mas aventuras y disfrutas tu tiempo precioso en eso bello pais! Hasta luegooo!

Dave said...

So between Chapman and Penman, who's Holmes and who's Watson? and where's part 2? and what does tap beer come in, in Mexico? pints, schooners, pots, middies, or do they not have tap beer? answer me, madeleine, this is the voice of democracy speaking.

Madeleine said...

A brief preview of Part 2 of the adventures of Chapman, for those who are on the edge of their seats...

The next installment includes eathquakes, large waves and army guards. Stay tuned while the valiant adventurers (fuelled by nothing more than bottled beer and gin and tonics) brave the craziness of national holiday period in this mad country.

And Chapman, bless his heart, would have to be Watson - given that his spanish ability is 'elementary'. he he.

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