Saturday, April 21, 2007

SILVIO RODRIGUEZ and the ballet... two wonderful performances

In the last few weeks I have been to two amazing events-

Firstly, Swan Lake by the national ballet company, on an actual lake in Chapultepec Forest (the massive párk in the centre of town).
What can I say? We couldnt take any photos, but it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. The ballet danced among weeping willows, in the forecourt of actual castles in the park, there were horses, fireworks. I got teary from the beauty.

I also got majorly teary when I took myself along to SILVIO RODRIGUEZ. He is one of my favourite singers, and a latin american icon. He should be a world icon.

I was introduced to the music of silvio 3 years ago by my costa rican friend ricardo.

The music is trova - which is a uniquely latin american (predominantly cuban) style of guitar and voice, mixing traditional latin rhythms, classical guitar and at times a touch of flamenco.
I would say that Silvio is the Bob Dylan of Latin America. But, (here goes nothing) I am going to go out there and say he is so much better than Bob. With such humility, without drugs or hazy mumbling, he delivers the most stirring melodies and wonderful lyrics. Of course a lot of it is political, as he is cuban and has had to deal with castro through his whole career. Trova is inately political.

Again, what can I say but it was breathtaking to be in the national auditorium with thousands of others, all singing along with Silvio to the classic 'Te doy una canccion' - (I give you a song).

'I give you a song, and a discourse, about my right to speak
I give you a song, with my two hands, with the same that kill
I give and I say -homeland- and continue speaking for you
I give you a song - like a shot, like a book, like a word, like a guerilla,
Like I give love.´

The house lights went up, and Silvio just kept coming out and playing more. there were about 5 encores!

This sunday Silvio is giving a free concert in the Zocalo (main square). SO pumped!


Dave said...

What can I say about Silvio that will actually sound informed? Not much. But, you know, I like the guy. And I don't think Dylan would mind somebody else being Bob Dylan for a while.

Sorry, I just realised that I totally glossed over any references to the ballet, so I guess I sincerely like Silvio. Anyway, I had a fantastic time at Wilco on the weekend, because as good as Silvio is at what he does, he does not write beautiful pop songs which also plant themselves squarely in post-rock.

And now, in my best Latin-American troubadour voice: Buenos noches, amigos!

Madeleine said...

yes, dave you certainly were among those whom I very much subjected to my silvio obsession! glad you came out liking him though.

and really, who but you would make reference to 'post-rock'?! except perhaps richard kingsmill. ha!

Wilco. how cool!