Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the glass man on the metro

So, this guy got onto the metro this morning, and I at first didn't think anything of him. Hundreds of people earn a living on the metro selling pens, pirated cds, chewing gum, the latest publication of the mexican criminal code, maps, prayers, you name it.
But this guy was different. He appeared in our carriage, shirtless, his protuding belly swaggering through the train, and (on seeing the back of him), his spine caked with dry blood. Hmmm, I thought - what sort of speech will he make for us.

So, he opens up with the usual pitch (Buenos días señores usuarios, disculpa la molestia etc etc - 'excuse me passengers, sorry to disturb..) . and then he explains to us he is going to perform a great feat for us. He whips the fabric swag he is carrying off his back and chucks it on the ground to reveal a bag of broken glass from coke and sprite bottles. And then he proceeds to flip backwards on his back so that it smashes on the glass, once and once again. And apparently the great feat is that he only comes away from this slightly scathed, after earning his bread and butter doing this all day.

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