Sunday, November 4, 2007

Blogs in Waiting

Dear Readers,

I am dying to sit down with a long swig of time on my blog, with much to write and reflect - The Day of the Dead, general vignettes of my life or any other trivialities that I delight in posting here.

An apology on my part for not posting more as of late. We have just gone on a month in our new place and we STILL do not have internet up and running.. long story ... apparently although we are right in the centre of town and surrounded by embassies, wireless cables are still not covered in our street.. we are looking at options and figuring it out this week! Argh I hope!

I have just whiled away a long weekend with an annoying vomiting stomach thing. Not fun, and not something I wanted for a much awaited few days for R&R and fun. Oh well!

In anticiipation of more lyrical and informative posts.


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