Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rudd joy!!

I have been logged into online election coverage for much of the last few days after voting at the australian embassy in mexico city the other day.

I am so ecstatic about the election result that I have decided to throw an australian theme party next weekend!!

Look at our cool invitation!

If anyone can suggest some typical aussie food to serve, let me know. So far I'm thinking vegemite, anzac bikkies and maybe a pavlova if I can pull it off!

On a more sentimental note, it just makes me so proud of australian civil society to see that we finally succeeded in getting Howard out! I feel far away and distant from fellow aussie campaigners, but when I look at emails of GetUp or see snippets of Hugh Evans popping up in election videos, it makes me so content to know that everyone is 'keeping it real' back home. I will be back at some point to join the fray.

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Hannah B said...

Love the invite!! It was such a good night here Saturday. xo