Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the Decameron

After a few days of Flu provoked hermit-like practices: working in a near empty office, coming home and staying home only to make a few quick dashes to the supermarket for essentials...

here is a little ode to the book that I have just started reading, and which is serving as a nice tonic at the end of days at the moment which are turning out to be riddled with bits of worry, strong winds, and, oh, just an eathquake here and there for good measure:

"The Enchantress of Florence" by Salman Rushdie. Talk about escaping to another world, to another time!! adventures and emperors and all sorts of wonders of story telling!

Perhaps not unlike the marvels of "The Decameron" written by Giovanni Boccaccio en 1351, at the time of the Black Plague - a book of 100 short tales that kept a group of young Italian people happily entertained while being cooped up indoors and warding off the plague... chuckling away at the smutty tales of the Decameron.

here is to chuckling and good humour in bleak times!!


Hannah B said...

Hey - glad you are enjoying the Rushdie. It IS a rollicking good tale.

Lauren said...

dude, it is out of this world. increíble!

Lauren said...

oops, i am signed in as my friend. "lauren" is me (maddy)