Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blog Number 100

It´s been a blast, and here is to 100 more blogs! I have developed a real affection for my little corner of cyperspace.

To celebrate this milestone, here is a delicious treat:

Joaquin Sabina: "19 días y 500 noches"

What a scrumptious Spanish flame of a singer/songwriter - he is awesome and has fantastic lyrics.

Watch and enjoy this video, it just keeps building up and getting better.

NUMBER 100!!


Nari said...

Hey Maddy, the blog's lookin FINE - y'know, like FINE - and congrats on no. 100! Yeah this guy's cool - like Leonard Cohen if he'd gone to Spain instead of Greece....

Madeleine said...

Cheers Nari!

Yeah, nice comment about Joaquin Sabina - you are so right! He had reminded me of Leonard too!

How come so many legendary songwriters have whores as a common theme of their songs?¡

Hope you are well man, deberías de volver a México!