Sunday, July 12, 2009

Index finger, ring finger, raised. ROCK MEXICANO

Mestizo hair stretched and matted up. Black jeans, chili covered chicarron, 10 peso fan mugs, giant litre cups of beer. Fresh tacos and tortas being made on the grill.

Yep. It´s a rock festival in Mexico. yum.

Last night I rocked along with some usual suspects to see 3 classic Mexican bands impress us with their rolas (tracks).

It wasn´t just any music festival. Due to its location, it was epic. We went to the valle de chalco (Chalco valley), the sticks on the outskirts of Mexico City, well it´s even out of Mexico City, in the state of Mexico... it meant making a huge hike and getting lost through all these down-and-out areas and backstreets and gas stations and dusty roads. And we arrived, and it was awesome. The concert was small, only a few thousand people, the sun went down over the valley and the dogs were running around in the streets outside, the lesbian girls next to us were very much in love and decided to show it, (great in mexico), the kids next to us made a huge tower of paper Corona cups, and everyone sang to the classic songs of their childhood from the Jaguares (a band with 20 years history, used to be called the Caifanes).

We also saw Zoe, which is a fantastically unique contemporary Mexican band, and Fobia, which is great rock!

Very old 80s track of Caifanes (now Jaguares):

And a more recent one, from the Jaguares, which I really like:

Zoe - Te soñe ("I dreamt of you")

Fobia: "El Diablo" (The Devil)

On the way back home we got lost in the car, again, all singing at the top of our voices, to giants of Rock en español, like Soda Stereo and Los Amantes de Lola, of course.

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