Monday, February 12, 2007

I want to go to Tepito

There are certainly dodgy bits of this city. I haven't really shown them here on my blog, because really when you're walking through the shadier bits of town is not the time that you take out your camera.

I have found that Mexicans are a lot more cautious than us exchange students and travellers. And, for our better part we should really be listening to them.

Like my desire to check out Tepito - a large sprawling market famous for counterfeit and grime. The other day I cheerfully announced to Elias, my mex boyfriend ´Let´s go to Tepito today´!´, and I was met with a string of cautionary comments and a real reluctance. We didnt go that day, as I had my camera in my bag - but I'm planning to go with nothing but 5 pesos in my pocket and a lot of gumption!

You do hear of people being robbed, often at gunpoint, quite often. However all the same I do feel safe and not freaked out. But you gotta be smart.


Anonymous said...

In the process of writing you a masterpiece of an email...
Be careful in this Tepito place..I wont be there to watch your ass, so Elias best be watching you...hahaahha if I were there I would suggest we go uber glam and walk around in fake expensive Chanel glasses, head scarf and red lipstick...hey, we would fit in..
be safe and remember if anything aim for the groin and or, grab the hair and pull for dear life...
Worse come to worse, Im about a 5 hr plane ride (HOW EXCITING!!!) and so...yeah hollaback ;)
Miss ya keep livin the dream!!!

Anonymous said...

that was Amanda by the way...your Canadian lover :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Maddy!!
It sounds like you are having such an amazing time in Mexico and fitting right in! I'm glad uni is not too strenuous and you have lots of time to enjoy yourself.
Tanzania is awesome and im loving it more everyday!!!!
I love reading about your adventures and miss you lots,
Love sadha xx