Monday, February 12, 2007

The shame of losing to the USA

There were chairs thrown on the ground, cries of agony and mountains of swearwords as we watched Mexico go down 2-0 to the USA (or, confusingly referred to as the 'EU' here) last Wednesday in a FIFA friendly match. Sure, technically the game didn't 'count' for anything, but try that idea with a Mexican and you would probably be called something foul. Losing to the USA, the very country that has robbed Mexico of vast swathes of territory, deceived and manipulated this nation at every turn. As we watched in a restuarant packed with people, even the Argentinians were passionately howling to see the USA beat a Latin nation. Oh it was cruel, Mexico was certainly the better team! Rigged!

On a sunnier note, the Chivas (my adopted soccer team here - by default as my neighbours support it and the uniform is red!) beat Cruz Azul on the weekend - we went to the watch the match and scoffed down tacos and beer while cackling with glee at our victory!


In other news, I feel as though I should at least make some show that I am actually studying in Mexico, besides all these frivolous tales of my leisure times!

La Universidad de la Salle is very different from macquarie. It is a Catholic University (read: NO BAR), small and somewhat quaint. The classroom atmosphere is extremely immature and hilarious at times, with students being told to sit at the front of the class near the teacher if they talk too much! It is certainly not a ´¨typical¨¨ university atmosphere, with no large lectures or political activism on campus: This week I am going to take a tour of UNAM, the brilliant and huge main university in Mexico and one of the best in Latin America - to check out the vibe there. Nonetheless I am having fun in class, and thank goodness there is not too much work.

The most exciting news relating to uni is that I passed the auditions for the La Salle Choir! I am so excited!! we sing spanish songs, negro spirituals and more.. and have a concert in a cathedral in the city coming up!

I have also started dance lessons, and have been selected in a 'special group' to advance faster and perform in a presentation of salsa. Yay!

Anyway, enough thrilling details...

GAH! My photos arent loading, sorry all!!! silly slow computer..

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Mem Penman said...

Hello Maddy! Just catching up on your movements over the past three months. What wondrous times you are having. I'm particularly excited about the choir you are singing in. What better way to enter a culture! Love from M4.