Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I just spent an hour looking for postage stamps

Man I do love this country, but at times the processes are infuriating. I just spent an hour traipsing around searching for the most hidden post office in the world, only to find it was closed at an unpredictable hour.. then tried countless papelerias (newsagents) who apparently could give me postal stamps. I gave up after the fourth try, and was told that actually, papelerias no longer sell stamps. This is of course after a wild goose chase up and down the Avenida Revolucion, (directions in mexico seem to very approximate: ' yeah, just straight ahead' can mean actually two blocks ahead and around the corner and across the road).
And dont get me started on the process for borrowing a book at an english language library here... that is a touchy subject with me at the moment. he he.
But it's all part of the cultural immersion and fun, eh?

I finished my first piece of homework today. Monday was the 90th anniversary of the Mexican Constitution, so for my history of law class I had to write a short interpretation of an article from a newspaper about the anniversary. I bashed out a rather cheeky critique of President Calderon's call for constitutional reform, labelling his speech as nothing more than empty rhetoric with no considered goals. It was fun to get feisty in another language!!

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