Tuesday, July 10, 2007

........And back to the Rat Race

30 mins to move 500 metres in a jam packed microbus, the speakers of the vehicle blaring with the blunt sound of a tuba and the repetition of a singer wailing for his lost woman.
Surrounded by men on all sides whose mothers never taught them not to stare at strangers. Whities with green eyes. Yes, get over it hombres. Just get over it.

How I am supposed to know that that place leads me to another microbus which leads me to the back of beyond? Could you please give me more directions that 'yeah, that one, over there?'.

Please dont push, let people get off the metro first before others get on. A man falls flat on his back on the metro platform as people clamber to get out. This hardly stops the pace as the streams of bodies keep climbing on.
I'm running late. man this city is stuffed up.

That's a morning.

But in other good news Mexico smashed Paraguay 6-0 in the quarter finals of the Copa America on Sunday night.

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