Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Much-Anticipated Wedding in Acapulco

I have just come back from a wedding of luxury in Acapuclo, mexico's emerald pacific resort. It was the much anticipated wedding of Julio's best friend Eduardo. Julio was the 'Padrino' of alcohol.. that is to say, as the best man for the wedding he had to foot the bill for all the grog. They share the financial pain for all manner of extended family and friends here!

Acapulco has attracted a name of over-development, trash etc... but really it continues to be dazzlingly beautiful. The sort of place that has always been popular, and always will be. And avoids being the scummy gringo land that Cancun is.
As I sat under the stars on the beautiful bay of Acapulco, I was reminded a bit of Sydney - two gorgeous pieces of headland and a stunning harbour. Acapulco was the first of all mexican resorts, populated by Cary Grant, Errol Flynn, John Wayne and even JFK (we stayed where they stayed!). Now the foreigners seem to flock to Cancun or Los Cabos up north, while Acapulco still shines brightly.

Sure, there is tackiness and resort style cursive font written on every concreted surface, and Hooters and fast food overload... but all of this seems to be overcome by the stunning mountains that surround the bay, the dramatic views and the laid back people.

Beach weddings in Mexico have a lovely style to them - all the men wear light elegant white shirts and the women hold hand fans to their faces during the proceedings.

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