Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Endings, New beginnings and rebeginnings

Semester finished at the end of June with planeloads of exchange students going home to France, Canada and the USA.. tearful airport goodbyes, farewell parties and all of a sudden there was no uni, no exchange.
Now there is me, life in mexico, living 'like a mexican'. New friends, boyfriend, new internship, teaching english and scaling the city from top to bottom to give classes.
Early mornings and appointments and rushing to and forth and computer fatigue and LIFE... after what was in reality a 6 month holiday!

The short story of what I am up to:
I recently moved out of the wonderful community that was Atardecer en La Condesa, the restaurant and home that I lived in for 6 months, and I am currently living in the apartment of my friend Federico... but I will be moving back in with Mari, Jesus and everyone at the end of the summer!

I have started an internship at the Miguel Agustìn Pro Juarez Human Rights Centre ('Center Prodh'www.centroprodh.org.mx), a really respected human rights NGO here. The internship is great - I am working in the international relations area, on international law stuff, preparing documents for international NGOs on the human rights situation in mexico. I decided to take this internship over Amnesty International Mexico... long story, but I decided that although Amnesty has the 'name', the office here was not able to offer me the knowledge and experience I was looking for at the moment. And Center Prodh is the only mexican Human Rights org with UN consultative status.
Anyway, sorry if this is all a bit short-handed, readers, but it comes on the back of many such explanatory emails. Just thought I better put an update here, for those of you who are wracking your brains trying to figure out what the hell I am doing!

Anyway, here are two good photos :
One of Jessie's last days at Atardecer, gathered around with the clan.

Goofing around with the latest gang of ragamuffins I have found myself with:
Julio, me, (behind)
Katleen and Carlos (in front)

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