Wednesday, July 23, 2008

La vida se abarató - life has been cheapened. In mexico.

I heard a very interesting analysis from a human rights defender in the northern state of Sinaloa today.
By way of context: Sinaloa is a state that in the last few months has seen an alarming spike in the number of deaths related to drug trafficking. One major drug cartel in the area has recently had a big falling out and there is a war between them to carve up territory. It's a very ugly situation, an average of 6 deaths per day, sometimes 15 or more. And when you throw police and military into the mix, human rights violations increase.
In such a context, I thought it was so interesting what this colleague said:
Life has been cheapened. The right to life. At the moment, the violence is being ignored by many because "ah, it´s just between narcos". But such reasoning means that crimes and human rights violations are left in impunity. And how far does this logic go? The next could be that they´ll ignore violence because "ah, it's just between politicans", or "ah, it's just between prostitutes"...or whatever it could be. The arbitrary deprivation of the right to life is something so visible in mexico at the moment. In mexico city it is not felt so much, but in some states of mexico the violence is comparable to statistics in Iraq in terms of number of deaths. Life is being cheapened.

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