Friday, July 4, 2008

para las chicas! for the girls....

I wanted to make a little tribute to the friendships that I have been so lucky to have forged with some remarkable women.

Tere, my mexican sister who I lived with for 9 months and whose strength and sense and intuition astounds me - although she is younger than me I treat her like a big sister!
Mari, wonderful Mari - my first mexican mum and my lifelong friend - here with some of her students.

Kate, my fellow antipodean in the crazy world that is mexico. my kiwi kate (shouts out to my other kiwi kate evans). Kate is a great chum, who just "gets it" without any cultural differences, divides or anything. its great to have an anzac friend.

Stephanie: incredible workmate, Harvard's bright star, unbelievable brain for international law, tough, hilarious and bloody inspirational

Andrea: is now my neighbour! No one can put up a tent better than her. A tent for 10 people in fact. te quiero linda!

Nury: beautiful Nury. My first girlfriend in Mexico and my continuing companion. Love ya Nury.

Lauren: my supervisor at work, my mentor and guide through relationships, professional life, health and heart. shouts out to lauren and long live colorado!

Hannanita. Hannah. About three quarters mexican, lots of spanish and a bit of english in her. Love you hannah. My partner in crime. Besote!

Katleen, my wonderful Belgian buddy who is at once a ballerina and also a bundle of peace and fun.

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