Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Australia Day and Starting Classes

On Friday night I subjected everyone at a party to the taste of our national condiment. I can tell you, the reactions to vegemite were hilarious!
Even for mexicans with an advanced set of tastebuds, it was too much for them.

I also sang the national anthem while riding on the metro with some fellow students. I think I must be feeling more at home in this city, as singing in the street is certainly a sign of being comfortable for me!

I've also loaded some photos of Teotihuacan, such an amazing site that I visited with, marie (french student) and jessie (great american girl who lives with me - but we only speak spanish with each other which is good).
At its peak, from around 100-500AD, Teotihuacan was one of the biggest cities in the world. It is spooky and brilliant.

I started classes yesterday. I was pretty nervous, but then relived, as I understood the large majority of what was going on. The class atmosphere is so different here - you stick with the same class for the whole 5 yrs through uni, and there is a 'class boss' that does all the photocopying and is kinda like the president. It's very funny, kind of feels like highschool.

I am excited about my political science class: the professor is hilarious - yesterday in our introduction he said 'we are going to have lots of fun, as Mexico has plenty of political assholes to learn about'. He he!


Finally there is a first time for everything, eh? The other night I was at a salsa club, dancing away, and as I went to execute a big spin with my partner, we collided and my elbow hit his lip, which then started bleeding! How brutal.
I bought him a beer and gave him a piece of lime for his lip, we laughed and then kept dancing. Es la vida.

PHOTOS: Teotihuacan, and also a photo of Mari (my host mum) at La Merced, the most gigantic market I have ever been to. It was a very interesting trip, as all the vendors know 'Don Jesus and Dona Mari', as they come each week and buy up big for the restuarant.


Dave said...


I have an important question: did you sing both verses of the anthem? You should have, because the first straight-up-and-down-the-line patriotism, whereas the second verse is tempered with the sentiments of good international citizenship.

On my own singing note, it looks like myself and some people from College (budding lawyers, one and all) will be doing karaoke soon. I hope there's some Springsteen.

And may I point out that your blog does not allow anonymous comments, despite the fact that you have never commented on my blog using anything except anonymous comments. I call shenanigans.

Kate said...

ohhh maddy!! yay! so nice to read your blog..
I just got home from watching Pan's Labyrinth ('el Labyrinto de Pan', una pelicula de Espana - but with a mexican director) and it was just horrible, so unnecessarily violent and distressing..uugh.. I feel horrible... but I just read your stories and you're making me feel much better - it sounds fabulous! Nice to see your little house so I can imagine where you in it! y entonces te esta'n insen'ando todo las palabras malos de Mexico? El mio preferito seria "Pinche" - como, 'pinche pelicula del cabron Guillermo del Toro, el pendejo me ha hecho tener las pesadillas" (yes i did have to look up that last word)..also 'simon, guey' and "No MAAAAAmes" are favourites of mine.. love love! I am missing you a lot at the moment maddy...xx abrazos enormes..xxx

Kate said...

whoops a few spanish mistakes in there, ah well, you can play 'spot kate's crap spanish'

Maura said...

This is great info to know.