Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dios Mio! Mexico City!

Hey there guys. I have arrived in pretty much the biggest city in the world. I arrived about a week ago. I was expecting to be knocked senseless, left scrambling for air, overwhelmed, choked. Instead, I have been totally enchanted by this city!

What a place! It is just bursting at the seams with museums (I have been to so many in the last week!), it's surprisingly simple to get around (the metro system is brilliant and the streets are really well signed), and the people are wonderful!
They are ever-helpful, always ready to invite you to have fun with them, or accompany you on your adventures. I have met heaps of locals as we´ve just struck up conversations together then I have ended up having coffee or going to watch mariachi bands with them. Its actually funny, on the odd occasion I have just wanted to do something by myself, it's at times been hard to stop the openness of the people, and to insinuate, 'actually, i´m fine for now, i think I'll just go for a walk or read by myself'. how funny. yes, I admit that it is often the mexican males that want to accompany me places - but I feel safe with the locals here, dont worry mum!

and once again, like an ongoing mantra, i need to exalt THE FOOOOOOOOOOD in mexico city. I have a whole photo series on street vendors, taco stalls, amazing treats that I will post up shortly.
But really, food here is more than just filling stomachs. it is incredible, sensual, comforting and exciting. Even on the occasion when myself and a fellow canadian traveller found ourselves 'piking' and buying hotdogs late at night in the Zona Rosa (Oxford St eat your heart out!!), we were pleasantly surprised. Because, no, a hot dog is not just a hot dog. Oh no. Its a frankfurter wrapped in ham, then laid on a bun with mayonese, tomato and chile salsa, jalapeno peppers and more. wow!

on friday night i had the amazing experience of bumping to aquaintances i met at the beach! who woudda thunk it, eh? in a city of 22 million, I bumped into a couple I had met the week before. What timing! they took me to the opening of a photo exhibition they were going to - it was an amazing look at the mexico og 2006 - protests, incredible amounts of police brutality, violence and passion.
it was a reminder of the harshness of the country I am living in, as I think I had been coasting along with rose glasses a bit.

suffice to day, this city is awesome. I feel as though it very much 'suits' me.


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Eammon said...

Wow Maddy,
Mexico seems amazing! Do many people speak english, or not really? What is the weather like? Missing ya