Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Moving in with Mary and Jesus

So, I think if you tried to design a better set up for my tastes, you couldnt find one. on Sunday I moved into the house of the family I will be living with for the next 5-6 months.
I´m living in the Colonia Condesa, a funky, trendy happening place famous for its bars and restaurants. I suppose you could call the demographic 'middle class'. I live right above a quaint little restaurant that Jesus, the father of the family, owns. It is called 'Atardecer en la Condesa' (twighlight in the Condesa). How wonderful, I get up every morning and the chef makes me my breakfast in the restaurant, (eggs with chorizo has been a highlight so far!), and then I set off during the day to explore the city, attend my spanish classes... and then come back in the early evening, to the family and extended restaurant friends sitting around chatting.
Last night was special, as the younger of the two daughters (they are 21 and 19) arrived home from vacation, so Jesus and Mari (the mother who is a primary school teacher) got out guitars and everyone sang mexican tunes, boleros and mariachis together. And yes, 'Labamba' made an apperance!

Whats more, I am literally 4 minutes walk to my university. And, the biggest cultural and art bookstore in latin america is just across the road from me, with this big cafe, kind of like a big Borders.

One of my mexico city friends gave me the insiders' guide to the Condesa, walking me around last night and pointing out all the jumping spots, including introducing me to his friends at the local mezcaleria!

I am slightly nervous about classes starting in just under two weeks.. I am trying to work on my spanish as much as I can. On a good day, people say 'yeah, you speak well', ... on two separate occasions strangers have asked me whether I was spanish as I had a spanish accent (and I wanted to hug and kiss them out of joy!)... but when I am tired or clumsy with my spanish it's hard and I feel as though I have so far to go. And understanding all the slang here is very challenging.

PHOTOS: the view outside my window, the restuarant which is my home, some photos of the Condesa. I will post some good shots of the funky restaurant strip later.

Also: Emiliano Zapata and the fight for Morelos at the National Museum of the Revolution (Revolution¨- should be read as ten-years-of-bloodiness-and-chaos-in-the-mexican-history from 1910-1920 when none of the varied revolutionary leaders could agree on anything...but which finally resulted in a new consitution!)


Lydia said...

Oh Maddy! Your 'postcards' read like the opening of a fabulous novel... can you promise us ghosts and revolutionaries to come? I am very impressed with your technological knowhow, may I say... and very grateful for the wonderful photos. Sounds like you are having a truly magical adventure!
Much love,
Lyddy ox ox

Tammie said...


The photos! the sights and the smells!! SO SO SO SO Jelouse. t xx